Cristi McMurdie

Cristi McMurdie


Cristi McMurdie loves to make a difference by helping clients move forward in life. Cristi’s greatest pleasure is when clients grow, learn and become happier after their mediation process. She believes what the famous poet, Pablo Neruda stated, “every casual encounter is an appointment and with that in mind – we can be present." Our intent at WHYmediate is to bring deep listening to enhance the success of our mediation outcomes.

Cristi’s mediation training started at Arizona State University Law School.

After opening her family law practice in 1996, Cristi knew there had to be a better solution and found a family mediation certification process, began providing mediation services and has been doing it ever since. Cristi is a member of the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators (MCAFM), the Association of Conflict Resolution (ACR) including the Arizona Chapter of ACR .

Cristi stays current on latest tools and techniques by attending specific advanced mediation training. Most recently, she attended the Ken Cloke (JD, PhD) Advanced Mediation training: “Dimensions of Conflict.” This training inspired Cristi to further expand her practice from this profound quote,

“the world will be regenerated by the people who rise above these passive ways and heroically seek, by whatever hardship, by whatever toil, the methods by which people can agree.” Mary Parker Follett 1868-1933.

Cristi formed a subsidiary under McMurdie Law Office, PC called “A1 Mediation Services” when a client hired a mediator instead of using Cristi because the client could only view Cristi as her attorney.

A1 has now evolved into WHYmediate? from recent training in current business coaching theories. Cristi can wear as many as seven hats in a given mediation session, that of Mediator, Coach, Mother, Business Owner, Counselor, fellow divorcee and Lawyer.

Cristi is very proud of her two grown children residing in Seattle and San Francisco. She understands both the challenge and value of compromise, raising them since middle school in joint custody.

Cristi truly understands working through conflict and promises rigorous compassion to help clients get unstuck and travel more freely upon their paths.