We believe:

• in making a difference in your life and the lives of all involved in the mediation process.

• in contributing to your resolution and keeping you out of court.

• in building trust by starting with your WHY to enhance communication.

• we can help you move forward in your lives, addressing critical or temporary issues on your agenda first and fast.

• in bringing a direct, honest and fresh approach to the table, sharing the most current skill set.

• in collective brainstorming for best options and results.

• in providing customized options – full or partial services for your specific needs.

• in progress, and that means change, transition and letting go.

• in a better way to resolve conflicts.

• you should be the judge in your own case.

• you can grow from mediation and that our process is for those who want to be more aware in life.

• in having integrity in order to create a fair process and in treating every individual equitably, fairly and doing what we say we will do.

• in mediating on weekends to save you real income and earnings

• in being reliable, being accountable and following through on our words with actions.

• in moving from WHY? to YES!